We are a non profit organization using the power of generosity to give people in Sub-Saharan Africa access to clean and safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene

Water is the essence of life. Without water, nothing exists. Without water, there is no life. So we find it quite disturbing and painful that close to 660 million people on earth still don’t have access to clean water. Of these 660 million people, 350 million of them live in Africa. We find it disturbing that a child in Africa dies every 20 seconds as a result of water borne illnesses. The World bank estimates that water related illnesses kill more African children under the age of 5 than HIV/AIDS, malaria, measles, and war combine. We find it crazy that in some countries in Africa, woman and young girls have to walk over 5 miles just to get water At Generosity Global, we are on a mission to change this story by giving as many people in Sub-Saharan Africa access to clean water. We are working non stop to reduce the staggering number of people who do not have access to clean water. We believe access to clean water is the key to people and communities thriving. Access to clean water means better education, more time regained, good health, less deaths, especially for women. Access to clean water means life We know this is a big task and not something we can accomplish alone. But we know when people with generous hearts with love for humanity come together, we can accomplish anything. So we invite you to join us as together, we provide simple solutions that can change lives and impact our world. Our invitation is always open and when ever you are ready, we also will be ready to work with you to give water to people in need