Location. Location. Location. Choose a location to impact. Our partners on the ground ensure that we are working in communities that have the greatest need and people will benefit from each project and our presence. Our vision is to leave each location, each region, better than when we arrived.
Working with community, district and regional leaders facilitates the ease of each project. Without their support, buy in, we don’t work. We never force ourselves into communities, unless welcomed. Once we get the local government/leadership on board, we are able to ensure water supply to the community endlessly.
One size doesn’t fit all. After studying the target region and assessing needs, our team determines which technology/water project will best meet the needs of the community. terrain, available natural resources and other factors play a roll into determining what type of project we will implement. project cost will vary according to technology, terrain, and accessibility to the community.
Money makes it all possible. Whether it’s through online/offline donations, money from grants, water campaigns or funds raised from our signature event MISSION BALL, our goal is to raise enough money to implement enough water projects that will have the greatest impact. 100% of all funds raised is applied to our project account to ensure everything is used on the field for water projects
Committees are an important part for sustainable projects. These are men and women who have a vested interest in the community that are trained and educated about each project and the benefits associated with project. Committee members become leaders who educate and empower others to overcome the various crisis faced by members of the community.
Water is life. Everyone is excited when the day comes to implement a water project. after determining the right technology, we go to work with our local partners. We take every caution to ensure that each project is carefully planned and is successful, so that we stay on time and on budget.
To ensure that our projects are continuously benefiting the community long after we leave, we invest in training and educating the community members. Our project partners train committee members as well as our local team on how to maintain and repair projects. We provide the community with hygiene and sanitation education, which goes a long way to prevent the spread of disease and end stop unnecessary deaths.
We owe it to you for trusting us with your money. At the end of it all, after each project is successfully completed, we work hard to send you, our supporters a comprehensive report. Reports typically include pictures, project location, project type, cost, impact, testimonials, pictures and videos.