What does my sponsorship pay for?

Your funds go to more than just water projects


From hiring drilling rigs to purchasing materials like pipes, cement, pumps, the bulk of your money goes here

Building latrines in schools

Building of latrines within school grounds. Hand washing stations are built outside to promote better hygiene. Washing of hands reduces communicable diseases

Training of teams

Some of your funds are allocated to help train water committee members, water technicians, and other critical staff members who play a major role in the sustainability of your project


We usually have to hire local transportation like pick-up trucks to help our field teams get around the villages to meet with community members and check on work progress.

Your Sponsorship changes Everything

When you give water to a community, the community doesn’t just survive, they thrive.


Clean water means fewer water borne illness. With more people healthy, they able to work and develop themselves


Less time collecting water means more time in class. Clean water means kids can now stay in school, get good education and pass their class

women empowerment

When women have access to clean and safe water, the can pursue skills outside of their traditional roles and experience greater autonomy and independence. Young girls are empowered in school to dream and become leaders


With access to clean water, time that was once spent collecting water can now become productive time used to farm, learn a trade, take care of the family. Tim is a very valuable commodity that helps people get out of the cycle of poverty

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