For our projects to last long after we are gone from the field, we invest heavily in the community members, working hand in hand with them to develop sustainability systems such as creating water management committees, training water technicians, and employing local labor.

Water Management Committee

We mobilize the community to form committees that will oversee the overall running of our projects. Committees are composed of both men and women are given decision making powers under the authority and the local chief or any local government body. The committees are responsible for collecting fees from community members, as well as carry out household visits to create awareness. Our staff encourages committee member to openly discuss issues that are affecting them.

Repair & Maintenance

Our team works hand in hand with selected members of the community (repair committee) and train them with the help of our drilling partners. They are educated by the drilling team about all parts and functionality of the well.

Sanitation and Hygiene

Good hygiene and sanitation practices go hand in hand with clean water. When a community gets clean water, knowing how to maintain it and use it in the best way to benefit the community’s health is paramount. We hold WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) training in households, schools, and health centers to help educate the community about good hygiene practices.


Our field teams, along with the help of the water maintenance committee, ensures that all our projects are carefully monitored during and after implementation. Our teams carry out surveys and structured interviews with households and community members to determine efficacy of the projects.

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