It is never us versus them. It is WE. We are one with our homeless brothers and sisters. In order to properly serve members of the homeless community, we must first focus on building strong and trusting relationships.


We provide only the best food for the homeless. We believe in serving food that you will give to your most honored guest. We serve food that is filled with love and kindness.


While other organizations give food, we SERVE the homeless. There is a difference. With a focus on customer service, our goal is to create a unique guest experience that makes the homeless feel loved, cared for and human again.


With our community partners, we are able to connect people living on the streets with essential services that can help get them from crisis to self-sufficiency.


Our volunteers are one close knit group of people who are part of the Generosity Global village. Our focus is to build a community that everyone feels they belong and that their contributions matter. A community of change makers, leaders, servants. We are one. #WEAREGENEROSITYGLOBAL


It all starts with a focus on GENEROSITY & BEING SELFLESS. It is never about what we can gain, but what we can give and keep giving. Giving should always come from the heart, a place filled with love. Our volunteers are encouraged to be selfless in service, serving with a selfless spirit, giving without expectations of anything.

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