Generosity Global is non profit organization with a simple mission: to use the power of generosity to improve lives around the world. We provide clean water and sanitation. We provide women’s health and hygiene services. We provide refreshing showers.

We have built a charity where we commit 100% of all public donations to support the program the donation was intended for. Yes, you heard that right. 100% to programs. Unlike other organizations who use a portion of your donation to pay for salaries or office rent, we believe 100% of your money should go to the field to impact the lives it was intended to impact.

We believe a better model to fund administrative costs and pay salaries, like any startup, is to raise funds separately that will empower us to hire deserving people, scale our team and operations, and help our organization become exceptional. In order for us to report impact, we need people who are dedicated to our mission, to our team, and are focused on bringing you impact day in and day out. To remain committed to the 100% model, we need a different bank account that makes it possible to pay our team members and help them provide for their families.

So we created the GG FUEL program.

What is GG FUEL?

GG FUEL is a membership program made up of a group of donors committing to multi-year support of funding our operating and administrative costs. These funds allow us to pay for overhead cost and help us to become our very best. The investments from GG FUEL members allows us to dream bigger, be bolder and become competitive in the marketplace.

FUEL is an exclusive group of Generosity Global’s most generous and committed supporters. They are investors, entrepreneurs, small, medium and large businesses, celebrities, philanthropists, family foundations, who love our work and do their part to help us succeed. FUEL members not only support us financially, but they are our biggest and loudest brand ambassadors, sharing our work and our impact in their professional and social circles with lots of energy and passion. They are people with vision and their hearts are committed to making a significant difference in the world. They enjoy the benefits of exclusive private events, marketing collateral for their businesses, trips to the field and much more.

FUEL members understand that we could never give them direct financial ROI. However, they get satisfaction and joy in the incredible positive human impact and the number of lives that are transformed by our work, all made possible by their investments.

GG FUEL pays for:

  • Salaries
  • Office space rent
  • Flights to the field
  • Special events
  • Administrative costs
  • Equipment like laptops
  • Software
  • Print Materials, etc.

GG FUEL Benefits

Exclusive private events to give you the behind the scenes of Generosity Global and how we make all the impact happen..

Your name/family name/business name on our website..

Dedicated VIP team to answer any questions for you..

Customized reports tailored specifically for your business for marketing collateral..

Exclusive trips with our founder and CEO to the field..

Always VIP access to our annual fundraising gala Mission Ball..

Generosity Global is a recognized 501(c) (3) non–profit organization. Your investment is fully tax deductible according to the extent of the law..


To pay our team members as well as cover other administrative costs, we depend on the generosity of people and businesses looking to invest in our mission and our growth. We are grateful for your support. Thank you for FUELING us.

  • Personnel$750,000 / year
  • Travel/Flight$25,000 / year
  • Computer & Software $15,000 / year
  • App Development $15,000 / year
  • Fundraising | Donor engagement software $5,000 / year
  • Office space rent $9,600 / year US Office - $550/month Cameroon Office - $250/month
In–Kind Sponsorship
  • Offer Office Space
  • Legal services
  • Tax preparation services
  • Office furniture
  • Print services
  • Camera / Video equipment
  • Laptops & iPads
  • Digital marketing
Event Sponsorship
Mission Ball 2021 Annual Fundraising Gala for water projects
  • Underwrite event – $50,000

For questions, please contact us: sponsor@generosityglobal.org

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