Homelessness is something that can affect anybody at any time. Rather quickly, circumstances can change and leave you at the other side of the table. Generosity Global hosts an event every second Saturday of the month, called “Selfless Saturday.” A vast group of volunteers from our Generosity Global village gather to provide warm, home-cooked meals. Furthermore, we provide clean clothing, undergarments, essential hygiene products, and haircuts to Baltimore City’s homeless community.


We also offer refreshing showers to unhoused individuals through our program, Generosity Shower, during warmer months. While bringing hope and happiness to hundreds of homeless individuals, our countless volunteers offer their love, kindness, and resources to enrich the lives of those in need. Their sacrifice of time, selflessness, and compassion make our monthly event a huge success, leaving our guests and volunteers with a tremendous impact. Selfless Saturday is transformative; it builds a community, one person at a time.  Selfless Saturday Baltimore helps people to feel human again while enhancing their self-worth and dignity in an impactful way.


Selfless Saturday Baltimore

Generosity Global is providing a warm meal to our unhoused brothers and sisters.


If you want to help people in need and are looking for a life-changing and impactful experience, Selfless Saturday is an excellent opportunity that will leave you with a renewed mind and a changed perspective. The atmosphere is like nothing you have ever seen before; people from all backgrounds and life situations come together to serve one another. You will meet new people who have a similar mindset of compassion, purpose, and selflessness, and you may even make new friends. Please bring your children, family, friends, or even your co-workers to one of our Selfless Saturdays and experience it for yourself!


Help us create a long-lasting impact and become part of the change! One person can make a difference, but it takes a village to change the world.


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