Personal hygiene is linked to dignity, love, and self-care. Being clean is part of that process, and it is essential for humans to feel worthy. A refreshing shower not only cleanses the body but also renews the mind and impacts the overall mental state of a person. Generosity Shower aims to make a difference in the lives of people experiencing homelessness. We are offering mobile showers and provide essential resources to help unhoused men and women to maintain their personal hygiene


Through our mobile showers, we enhance people’s hope, happiness, and dignity. We provide a variety of clean clothing and new underwear, free haircuts, and clean towels to each of our shower guests. Furthermore, our shower guests also receive essential hygiene items such as body wash and lotion, shampoo and conditioner, razors, combs, nail clippers, deodorant, and toothbrush and toothpaste to help them maintain their personal hygiene even after they leave Generosity Shower.


Hygiene bags

Each shower guest receives essential hygiene items to help maintain their personal hygiene.


In addition to providing refreshing showers and essential; toiletries, we create employment opportunities for individuals wanting to transition out of homelessness. Mark (pictured below) and four other individuals have found employment with Generosity Global. They are essential staff members who ensure shower services run smoothly and our unhoused guests are provided with outstanding customer service and a great shower experience. Due to their hard work and employment with Generosity Global, they now will receive an income that enables them to acquire housing to further help them exit the cycle of homelessness. Our shower crew works hard to ensure impeccable service to our unhoused shower guests and make their experience the best one yet.


Mark cleans the shower stall

Every shower stall is cleaned thoroughly after each shower guest.

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