The first step to breaking the cycle of poverty


Access to clean water gives us the opportunity to live a
healthy and productive life. The time once spent surviving can
now be spent dreaming, growing, and thriving because water is life.


Just like a drop of water in a bucket, access to clean water creates a ripple effect in a community.  It starts with just a drop.

The walk for water that took at least 3 hours, now take just 15-30 minutes and the water is safe to drink.

Kids spend more time in school instead of walking for water.  544 million school days are gained per year with access to water. Grades improve and kids graduate and pursue professional careers.

Medicine is practiced more effectively with clean water, clean facilities and clean instruments.  With a decrease in water-borne diseases, there are less fatalities.

Children survive, thrive and incur fewer developmental problems from not carrying heavy loads on their heads.

Water projects increase employment by using local laborers & individuals trained to maintain the wells.

Water projects help build the local economy.  With time now on their side, people become enterprising, selling goods and products to earn more income.  Now, parents are able to provide more for their children. With income stability, the family and community are able to thrive.